Welcome to Breadcraft! We are a friendly, comfortable, Java/Bedrock edition server with an Earth map, roleplay, and more. We strive for a fun, laid-back community.

Join us at breadcraft.me [1.15.2]. See here for the site of our Modded server.

The Rules

1. Do not be a cunt.
We are all comrades here. You may PVP only in Warzones or with consent from both sides.
2. Be respectful.
Do not do anything that can reasonably upset someone else. For example, don't say the N word or any other slurs if they don't pertain to you. As a general rule of thumb, if someone says they are uncomfortable, stop.
3. Do not grief.
Respect people’s creations. We have plugins to investigate all claims of griefing and stealing.
4. Do not steal.
Do not take anything without permission.
5. Do not cheat.
Hands off the X-Ray.
6. Do not abuse your privileges.
Do not spawn in stacks of diamonds if I grant you Operator or Creative. Use the abilities I grant to you to build projects, not exploit for personal gain.

If you have any problems, suggestions, or just want something to say, then go on the discord and ping Tinyds. I’m always willing to hear about any concerns and I will never be upset with you, unless if you are an ass.

Getting Started

What are some commands I should know about?
You can set up to four homes anywhere using /home.
If you die, you can teleport to where you deceased using /back.
Use /warplist for a list of available warps.
You can find out the real-world coordinates of where you are using /coords.
How do I get those shiny prefixes?
Type /ep settings. Use this as a guide for formatting colours.
How do I join in Bedrock?
Use the IP with port 22462.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for donating to the Patreon?
You'll get a fancy colour, a warm, cozy feeling in your heart, and cool cosmetics. DM me for more information.
Can I use creative mode or Worldedit?
Talk to Tinyds. If you spent enough time on the server, then I'll grant you several privileges for the purposes of building large projects. These include switching gamemodes, using Worldedit, and using /tpa. Abusing these for personal benefit is against the rules.
What should I do if someone griefs or steals from me?
Use /co i to find out who did it, then talk to Tinyds for rollbacks.
How do claims work?
Enter land which you developed on the sheet.
Where should I share my ideas for the server>
Say it on the Discord channel #suggestions.

Points of Interest

A work in progress. DM Tinyds for submissions.

Location: At /warp Cascadia
A rustic city built by DuckBacon. Now the official spawn for the server.

Location: At /warp Germania
A neu place with many big buildings and modern architecture.

Location: At /warp Misratah
A beautiful and intriciate city in Libya.

Location: Northeast of /warp Maunez
Home to a huge cathedral. Time to repent your sins!

Reconstruction Info

A while has passed since the unprecedented crash that resulted with all server files being corrupted has occurred. Most places by now have recovered. Still, there are some places that could use some volunteers.

If you just heard of the server and you are willing to join and help out with repairing what has been lost in the two weeks that were wiped, then you come to the right place! It's completely fine if you just want a server to play on and don't feel like immediately working on projects, too. Take your time.

See this sheet and fill it out if you want to help. Now, if you want to help out with a project, then its important you ask Tinyds or an operator for permissions to switch to Creative mode and be able to use Worldedit, and be sure to explain what project you are here to work on!

One more thing- when you list yourself as a collaborator for the first time, then make sure to include from what community you heard of the effort from. For example, if you are from the Marlboro JSA, then write [Marlboro JSA] next to your name, or if you are from the Godspeed discord, then write [Godspeed]. Not required, but recommended if you want recognition.

If you want to help spread the news, then feel free to click on any of the images below for a full-size version. Share it on Instagram or any other platform you can!